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What is a lien?

To put things into simple terms, filing a lien is making a claim for services an individual has provided in a workers’ compensation case. With so much going during the case, it is easy to put things like lien filing on the backburner.

We know the process of filing a lien can be tedious (and confusing!), but it can be done by following the guidelines provided below.

Now that I know what a lien is, how do I file one?

The first thing that needs to be done is to enter the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) case number in the top right hand corner. If for whatever reason no WCAB number is present, the local information and Assistance (I&A) office will need to be contacted.

Send over the original form to the WCAB office and any individuals involved in the case party will need a copy sent to them as well.

Documents must be submitted in the following order:

Document Cover sheet

Document separator sheet

Notice and request for allowance of lien

Document separate sheet

Lien verification 10770.5

Document separate sheet

Proof of Service by Mail

When do I file a lien?

Time is of the essence when filing a lien. If the service is prior to July 1, 2013, medical providers and medical-lien claimants have three years from the last time services were provided to file the lien.

On the other hand, for services provided after July 1, 2013, medical providers and medical-lien claimants must file their lien within 18 months from the last date of service.

Always remember to keep a copy of these records for your own filing purposes and to include the document cover sheet and separator sheet with each form typed or handwritten in block letters.

Any additional form instructions can be found on the EAMS OCR handbook.

Alternatively, if you need assistance to find the name and address of your insurance company to complete one of the forms feel free to click here:

Good luck and happy lien filing!

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