E- Forms vs JET File: Key Differences Between Each Filing Method

E-Forms vs JET File- Key diffrences between each filing method.

Filing Methods

There are three different filing methods on EAMS. They are JET File, E-Forms, and OCR forms. Jet File and E-Forms are filed electronically, while OCR Forms are filed manually. JET File and E-Forms are the faster options because they are done electronically. Knowing the similarities between JET Files and E-Forms begs the question, what are the differences between JET Files and E-Forms.

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How Can I Search My WCAB Info?


How Can I Search My WCAB Info?

You’ve joined your workers’ comp case, but now what? Where do you go to get all of the information needed to gain knowledge about the case? The DIR provides a pubic search tool in EAMS that can give you all of the existing information about a case.

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7 Reasons Why Lien Filers Need JetFile

Laptop Worker

If you’re still filing your California work comp liens through paper or EAMS, here’s why you should consider JetFile.

When the Division of Workers’ Compensation introduced JetFile in 2011, the clouds had parted and light beamed down for all power-filers in the workers’ comp industry. Goodbye, reams and stacks of paper. So long, pages upon pages of EAMS e-forms. With JetFile and with the right vendor, filing workers’ comp court forms became a lightning quick process through JetFile, rather than a step-by-step-by-step-by-step process through paper or EAMS.

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