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If you’re still filing your California work comp liens through paper or EAMS, here’s why you should consider JetFile.

When the Division of Workers’ Compensation introduced JetFile in 2011, the clouds had parted and light beamed down for all power-filers in the workers’ comp industry. Goodbye, reams and stacks of paper. So long, pages upon pages of EAMS e-forms. With JetFile and with the right vendor, filing workers’ comp court forms became a lightning quick process through JetFile, rather than a step-by-step-by-step-by-step process through paper or EAMS.

What is JetFile?

JetFile is an electronic filing method that allows you to electronically file the most common workers’ compensation court forms directly to the State of California and DIR servers. Once filed, the Division of Workers’ Compensation inputs those files directly into the EAMS database.

What can you file through JetFile?

The six most common court forms you can file are:

  1. Application for adjudication of claim (App for ADJ)
  2. Declaration of readiness to proceed (to hearing) (DOR)
  3. Declaration of readiness to proceed (to expedited trial) (DOR)
  4. Compromise and release (C&R)
  5. Stipulations with request for award (Stips)
  6. Notice and request for allowance of lien (Lien)

I file liens some other way. Why do I need JetFile?

When filing only one or two liens a month, e-filing or paper filing can usually suffice.

But for those needing to file 50 to 100 liens a month, the method of filing needs to be a lot more efficient.

Here are 7 reasons why lien filers need JetFile:

1.    JetFile is fast.

There are various forms that must be included when filing a workers’ comp lien: the proof of service, the declaration, the verification, the actual lien form, etc. The effort that’s put into compiling these forms wastes minutes of an employee’s day. Even filing through EAMS where the forms can be filled out online and is supposed to be more convenient, the lien filing process still requires filers to go through page after page after page of not-so-user-friendly forms in order to compile their lien, which often requires wasting more effort than paper filing just to get one lien form completed.

With the right vendor and armed with JetFile, the first thing lien filers will notice is that it’s fast. What takes various paper forms and documents takes only one click. What takes pages and pages of EAMS forms takes seconds with a minimal JetFile form. A lien can be filed through DWC Exchange in seconds, thanks to our integration with EDEX services. Vendors like us can auto-populate the lien form with EDEX case information and allow you to file liens in under a minute.

2.    It’ll save paper.

Paper filing these various court forms results in reams of paper wasted. The average lien packet, including all necessary forms, is usually 8-9 pages, not including any attachments needed for serving purposes. By moving the filing process online and filing electronically, paper waste per office will reduce significantly. Not only will the amount of paper being used diminish, but the amount of paper files stored will diminish as well.

By using JetFile vendors, such as DWC Exchange, filers can store all electronically submitted forms online. By switching from a paper-based filing process to an electronic-based filing process, filers will be able to reduce their paper usage, minimize their file storage, and have various advantages to basing the filing process online, such as being able to search for files through the computer, rather than by hand.

3.    Know immediately if the form is received.
4.    Know the status of your form at any point.

Lien filers will be able to have more agency when filing through JetFile. Once filers submit their liens through JetFile, they’ll receive instant notification of when the form is received and accepted into the EAMS database. Lien filers will also be able to know the status of their lien at any point, from the form’s pending status to when the lien fee was accepted. Basing the lien filing process electronically will allow for more transparency for every form that’s filed through JetFile.

5.    Reduce turnaround time by knowing any errors instantly.

Not only will lien filers be able to know when their lien was received and the status of its acceptance into EAMS, lien filers will also be able to know the reason behind any form rejections as well. Through JetFile, lien filers can reduce turnaround time significantly as EAMS transmits any errors with forms instantaneously. Instead of hunting for the error once the lien is rejected, JetFile allows users to know the cause of rejection immediately, allowing for faster turnaround and improved efficiency when filing liens or any other court forms.

6.    It’s secure.

JetFile uses a secure Internet connection to transmit any files to and from the DIR database. If filers are wary of switching from paper to electronic, the JetFile method uses the state’s secure file transfer (SFT) to ensure all sensitive information submitted by users are kept privately.

7.    You can file in bulk.

The most significant reason why lien filers absolutely need JetFile is its bulk filing feature. For filers that are filing under 100 court forms annually, paper filing or e-filing can be a satisfactory route. But with the industry of workers’ compensation growing and more and more work comp cases being taken on, the number of liens to be filed has grown, as well.

With JetFile, you can file batches of forms in one stroke. With DWC Exchange, filers can file up to 1000 liens at one time. For companies needing to get through a backlog of liens, this advantage is undeniable; what takes weeks and months to file hundreds of liens now is done all in a day’s work. Office and filing efficiency grows exponentially for users who are filing even more than 20 court forms in a month, due to the bulk filing feature.

For any power-filers or larger volume filers in the workers’ compensation industry, the advantages of JetFile are undeniable. Not only is it an environmentally favorable move and cuts down on paper waste, but JetFile increases productivity and efficiency with the lien filing process alone. There are various other reasons why the switch to JetFile is worth it, but those are some of the key and most compelling reasons to start using JetFile today.

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